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Effortlessly Feminine Fashion

About Us

Since 2002 we knew we wanted to change the way people saw fashion and trends. In a world of fast fashion, we wanted to create something that a person could love and cherish for years to come and not be called “dated”. We knew you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for style points or a proper fit to be on trend.

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What We’re Known For

Effortless Style

Nothing worse than putting on something that doesn’t sit right. Our styles are no fuss, just put them on and walk out the door. 

Luxury Knits

Since 2002, we’ve prided ourselves on creating luxury knitwear that is easy care and looks great on all body types.

Size Inclusive

There is nothing better than a well-fitted piece of clothing. That’s why we work on fitting for up to 9 months before a launch.

Fall ’18 Collection

What we do

Luxury knits crafted for the modern woman

We create easy to wear styles that are knit for comfort for the modern woman. The styles work, no fussing required.