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In September of 2016 we took part in a DPA gifting suite during TIFF and the Grammys!
Here are some of the lovely people who stopped by and enjoyed our line!
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Alison Sheri
Alison Sheri2 days ago
Walking into Friday like...

After a busy week, we are really excited about getting into our favourite loungewear and watching Netflix all weekend.

What should we watch?

Tunic A31148
Pant A31149
Alison Sheri
Alison Sheri3 days ago
Known for being the city with an eccentric palette, London Fashion week didn’t disappoint when it came to bold pattern play. From the overcharged florals set against polka dots to subtler, more casual variations like patterned knits there was a range of day to evening fare for any occasion.

Try out the trend with a top that already mixes prints and pair it with a simple blazer to ease yourself into it.

Style A31126
Have courage and be kind - Cinderella (2015). Original hand lettering with watercolours using a brush lettering and colour blending technique. Edited digitally.

lettering, hand lettering, type, typography...
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Daily pick me ups #Motivation
Seek what sets your soul on fire.
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Daily pick me ups #Motivation