About Us


Since 2002

we knew we wanted to change the way people saw fashion and trends. In a world of fast fashion, we wanted to create something that a person could love and cherish for years to come and not be called “dated”. We knew you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for style points or a proper fit to be on trend.

Known for luxurious knitwear, we started with the basics and worked our way into multiple styles of clothing, constantly inspired by the world around us. We utilize the best of European and American fashion to create comfortable, on-trend, and easy care collections that today’s women can wear effortlessly.

Emily Wang


Only the Best

Fit for real women

We are constantly working to create the best fit for all of our clothing, even the styles that have been around since the beginning of time itself. We know that the sizing we see in magazines and runways aren’t real. So we focus on what we see on the streets in everyday life. We work with real women to create sizing that makes sense in THIS decade. We believe in a love of life and its many pleasures… that includes food.

We work on fitting for 9 months prior to launch

We know we could rush it out in less but we pride ourselves on quality, and the fit is part of that. You can use the chart below to get an idea of our sizing (measurements in inches). 


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