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Lily Moss

By Alison Sheri

Classic Fabrics

We love variety, but nothing beats a good classic fabric. We focus on the quality that comes from well researched sourcing to make sure your blouses are high quality and easy care.

Making style Exceptional

Trends come and go but style is forever. That is why we integrate a few seasonal trends so that you can wear them for years to come. Find a few and embrace them instead of trying to hit every single mark. Remember, quality is better then quantity

Our Process

We start at the beginning. We research trends to know what is happening and then decide which ones will work for real life. The we decide on fabric groupings and draw different styles by hand. Yes, pencil on paper sketches of the styles side by side with fabric swatches before we start sampling.

Fitted on Real Women

Once we’ve created a sample and done checks on a mannequin, every single style is put on by real women. These women can tell us things a mannequin never will like a style restricts movement, feels too tight somewhere, or is hard to put on.

Find a Retailer

We support locally-owned boutiques and encourage you to find one near you! Click the link to find a searchable list of stores that carry our line near you. 

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